Flathead Valley, Montana
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motivating young women in science + mathematics


These are some examples of the workshops:

DNA - What's In Your Cells?
What’s in your cells? This workshop will explore DNA and how it works as a blueprint to build your cells and all living organisms. Come see, touch, and explore DNA!
Sheriff's Office-Investigations and Evidence.
In this workshop, you will learn to analyze the evidence used in the investigations of criminal activities.
Physical Therapy: Mind Games
We will explore the anatomy of the brain, discuss topics relevant to the mind of a middle school person and do some fun active learning activities involving the brain.
Casting Your Horizons
Broken bones — what does an Orthopedic Nurse do to help you heal? In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to put a cast on and to take it off.
Life in the OR
Providing students with an explanation of the career paths for both Certified Scrub Tech and Registered Nurse of the Operating Room, along with hands on experience and demonstration of tools/supplies used in the operating room.
DNA - The Real Thing
CSI: Explore the scene, analyze evidence, use science to match the suspect.
The House That Jill Built
This class will explore building and engineering concepts. You build towers following a set of construction plans.
A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian
This workshop will focus on what goes on in a work day of a veterinarian. We will explore exams, radiographs, surgeries, etc. We will also discuss what it takes to become a veterinarian as far as education and experiences.
Math & Medicine (M & M): How do they relate?
Have you ever wondered if they make equal amounts of each color of M&M’s or if they make more green than brown? We will count M&M’s to see if we can figure out this mystery and relate it to population statistics. We’ll also learn about Medical Detectives (otherwise known as Epidemiologists and Biostatisticians) and how they solve mysteries.
Bleeding Roots?
We will take a look at PH factors and how we can use it to extract colors from plant roots. We will then use this extraction to concoct our own chemical free colored cosmetic. The average woman/girl puts over 500 chemicals on her body a day. We will discuss alternatives to keep these chemicals off of our largest bodily organ: our skin.
Plants and People
Plants are essential to all life on earth. They provide food, medicine, shelter, and even the oxygen we breath. How do plants affect your daily life? In this hands-on workshop we will learn about some of the fascinating uses of plants by sampling local wild edibles, and using plants to make art and jewelry.
Programming with Sphero
Learn the basics of robotics and have a ton of fun doing it. Sphero robots are the latest and greatest in smart toys and provide a most exciting introduction into the basics of programming.