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Helpful Links

Helpful Links

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not Eureka (I found it!) but rather, “hmm…..that’s funny…” ~ Isaac Asimov

Visit the Engineer Your Life website to learn more about engineering jobs and more! They also have a free e-newsletter you can sign up for. engineeryourlife.org

Visit the Dot Diva website to learn about the connection and integration of technology with genericambien.net. dotdiva.org

Visit CanTEEN for career exploration. http://canteengirl.org/

Visit GEMS – Girls Excelling in Math and Science.  Form a local club or find activities to encourage girls in math and science.  http://gemsclub.org/

Visit For Girls in Science a watch inspiring videos and learn about summer camps sponsored by L’Oréal  http://forgirlsinscience.org

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